A public-private partnership that coordinates across
government private sector, and civil society to achieve
Hawai‘i’s 2030 statewide sustainability goals and
serve as a model for integrated green growth.

Partnership Strategy

Key Strategies
  • Strengthen political support for action on sustainable development at local, national and international levels.
  • Develop multi-sector partnerships to catalyze public-private sector action on Hawai‘i’s 2030 sustainability goals.
  • Build Hawai‘i’s brand as an island model for integrated green growth ready to learn and share with others around the world.

2018-2020 Priorities

  • Advance public-private policy priorities that create shared value and catalyze at least two major cross-sector initiatives that help achieve Hawai‘i’s 2030 goals.
  • Engage communities and students on the Aloha+ Challenge through the online open-data Dashboard to empower and accelerate statewide action.
  • Build pathways to cultivate next generation local and global leadership on sustainability solutions grounded in systems-thinking and traditional knowledge.
  • Increase Hawai‘i’s resilience to climate change and natural disasters to meet the Paris Agreement, and develop an innovative and holistic resiliency model in the Ala Wai Watershed.
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