A public-private partnership that coordinates across
government private sector, and civil society to achieve
Hawai‘i’s 2030 statewide sustainability goals and
serve as a model for integrated green growth.

Partnership Values & Approach

hawaii green growth values
Image courtesy of John De Mello

The partnership honors a collaborative and integrated approach to achieve environmental, social and economic prosperity for future generations. Hawaiian culture and values are the bedrock Hawai‘i Green Growth and the Aloha+ Challenge, supporting a trust-based framework to promote holistic system-level change across Hawai‘i.

HGG is a forum where people come together to share their experience, learn from one another and cultivate opportunities for common ground that advance green growth in Hawai‘i. HGG members work together valuing respect; collaboration; action-oriented priorities; honor of both the outcome and process; and cross-sector support for joint priorities.

We are committed to working across sectors and silos to achieve environmental, social and economic priorities to build a more sustainable future. We believe the greatest opportunities and solutions are in the spaces between public sector and the private sector; between communities, industries and technologies; between the individual and the collective.

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