A public-private partnership that coordinates across
government private sector, and civil society to achieve
Hawai‘i’s 2030 statewide sustainability goals and
serve as a model for integrated green growth.

Clean Energy

Clean Energy hawaii
Photo Courtesy of Blue Planet Foundation

Hawai'i Green Growth set ambitious targets in the areas of clean energy, local food, natural resource management, waste reduction, smart sustainable communities and green workforce to build a more secure, sustainable and resilient economy for Hawai'i by 2030.

HGG 2030 Target: Clean Energy
70% clean energy - 40% from renewables & 30% from efficiency

2030 Target Background
The State of Hawai'i adopted an ambitious energy target into state law in 2008 - achieve 70% clean energy by 2030, with 40% from renewable energy sources and 30% from efficiency.

Leadership in Clean Energy
The Hawai'i Clean Energy Initiative (HCEI) launched in 2008 as a partnership between the State of Hawai'i and the U.S. Department of Energy to lead the way on Hawai'i's clean energy goals.

The Hawai'i Energy Policy Forum (HEPF) is a unique experiment in collaborative energy planning and policy making. It includes representatives from business, government, and the community.
The State Energy Office in the Department of Business, Economic Development, & Tourism (DBEDT), HEPF, Blue Planet Foundation, Ulupono Initiative, and Hawaiian Electric Company (HECO) guide HGG's work in clean energy.

Measuring Progress
To ensure the State of Hawai'i is reaching its clean energy target, energy stakeholders are developing a variety of indicators to track progress:

  • The Blue Planet Foundation launched Hawai'i's first Energy Report Card in 2013 to track annual progress on the state's clean energy target.
  • The Hawai'i Energy Policy Forum developed a set of indicators with guidance from a broad stakeholder group and professional experts to measure and report progress on Hawa'ʻi's clean energy goals and objectives.

HGG's Sustainability Measures Start-Up Project is working with these partners, the Counties and others statewide to agree on a credible set of practical, public statewide sustainability indicators to inform decision-makers and the public on progress on our six sustainability targets.


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